Coastal Escapade


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A picturesque painting captures the idyllic charm of a VW van cruising through sun-drenched Beachtowns. The artist skillfully portrays the van's retro appeal, adorned with vibrant colors and adorned with surfboards, embodying the carefree spirit of coastal living. Against a backdrop of azure waters and sandy beaches, the van effortlessly navigates the winding coastal roads, evoking a sense of freedom and adventure. The artist's masterful use of light and shadow adds depth and dimension to the painting, capturing the warmth of the sun and the play of light on the van's shiny exterior. This captivating artwork beckons viewers to escape to the coast, to embrace the laid-back rhythm of Beachtowns, and to experience the simple joys of endless summer days.

Size 48x36 inches.

Medium: Acrylic painting on stretched canvas.

artist: Yasemen Asad.