Whispers of Love


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An abstract painting immersed in a predominantly soft color palette, with a delicate interplay of whites and underlying textures. The canvas showcases intricate layers of depth, inviting viewers to explore the subtle nuances within. Amidst this ethereal backdrop, vibrant graffiti emerges, proclaiming 'love you' in deep blue, red, and black spray paints. The graffiti injects a burst of boldness, contrasting against the gentle hues and adding an element of raw emotion. The juxtaposition of the expressive graffiti against the serene backdrop evokes a sense of passion and tenderness. 'Whispers of Love' captures the essence of love's profound impact, while captivating the viewer with its intermingling of softness and boldness, creating a captivating visual narrative of affection and self-expression.

Size: 48x60 inches

Medium: acrylic painting on stretched canvas 

Artist: Yasemen Asad.