Whispers Of Time



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In this striking painting, a female figure emerges from a backdrop of layered newspapers and ancient calligraphy, creating a captivating juxtaposition of the modern and the ancient. The artist skillfully employs white and black acrylic paints, blending them seamlessly to form the woman's features and form. The use of newspapers as a canvas adds an intriguing element of contemporary commentary, suggesting the complex interplay between current events and timeless human experiences. The ancient calligraphy further enhances this duality, evoking a sense of history and tradition. The painting invites contemplation on the intersection of past and present, while the female figure embodies a sense of strength and resilience amidst the flow of time.

Sze: 48x36 inches

Medium: acrylic paints and mixed media on stretched canvas.

Artist: Yasemen Asad.